Im Jong-heon Summoned on 15th...Commencement of High-Level Investigations in Court Administration

Prosecutors will summon Lim Jong-hun, 58, former vice president of the court administration, who is considered to be a key figure of the judicial farming community. Starting with Lim, it is expected that the Supreme Court will launch an investigation into Yang Seung-tae, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office (Department General Han Dong-hoon) informed Lim on Thursday that he should appear as a suspect at 9:30 a.m. on May 15 and receive an investigation.

Lim, who served as deputy director of the planning and coordination division of the court administration from 2012 to last year, was selected as the person responsible for the actual affairs of judicial gangs, including inspection of judges and court cases. Prosecutors suspect that Lim is suspected of abusing his authority, leaking confidential official information and violating the law. A prosecution official explained that summoning Lim is an interim inspection of the investigation of the judicial farm and needs to be checked with Lim.
The prosecution plans to follow the order and decision line that leads to Ko Young-han, Park Byeong-dae, and Cha Han-seong, former Supreme Court justice who are suspected to have engaged in court transactions after summoning Lim.

Non-residential buildings over 85m2 dedicated glass"...○ Increase the chances of winning

Those who could not challenge their application due to low extra points can gain the upper hand in winning the bid if they apply for a house with a private area exceeding 85m2. A single resident who wants to clean up must actively utilize the existing system before the end of November when the new system takes effect.
This is because more than 75 percent of the houses subject to the lottery will be supplied to the homeless first when residents are selected through a lottery system in areas such as speculative hot spots, over-the-counter areas, and metropolitan areas.
In accordance with the "913 Housing Market Stabilization Measures" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the revised rules on housing supply will open the door for new houses to be sold.

Houses in speculative hotspots exceeding 85m2 for their own use will be drawn in half of their sales. However, due to the high competition rate between homeless people and single-family households, it was not easy for them to buy houses by drawing lots. In the future, more than 75 percent of 500 households, or 375 households, will be homeless, given that 1,000 apartments in the speculation zones will be generally distributed. This means that it will be easier for homeless people to build their own homes through subscription.

President, 39 naval force ships... Leftist group, anti-cabinet protest

Draw the attention in a '2018 of the Republic of Korea Navy International a naval review' vessel was held in Jeju Island, Moon Jae-in president new land is occupied by (the rising of the envelope), the soccer field.Not an area of the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier three times. The kayaks were carried by residents and civic groups who oppose the international ceremony. Opposition groups staged violent protests across Jeju's civilian and military ports where the ceremony was held.
President Moon made a speech on the day, wearing a blue tie and black air force leather jacket. Since then, 39 vessels from home and abroad were inspected by sea. The left-hander is a trap that the president and the military leadership inspect and inspect. A naval officer aboard each ship made a salute by passing by a ship on board, and President Moon also responded as a salute. On the day of the Japanese Invasion of Korea, Suja, the captain of the Joseon Water Force, was placed on the left-hand side of the ship, which was caught by Admiral Yi Sun-shin, a commander of the Samdo-in.

Moon Jae-in president “will go to the path of peace, a rocky start, but persistently” the declaration will.

Moon Jae-in, the president, which was held in Jeju Island ‘2018 of the Republic of Korea Navy International a naval review’ the way to peace is by no means a rocky start, but persistently refused to admit to go the way the Republic of Korea.It's the ambassador said. As the second North-U.S. summit has been delayed since the U.S. midterm elections (November 6), the goal of the end of this year has been somewhat darkened, but the North expressed its strong will to establish a peace regime. President Moon visited Gangjeong Village in Jeju, where he opposed the construction of a naval base, apologized and said, "I will actively review the reinstatement of the amnesty for residents."

"The Korean Peninsula is in a state of truce," President Moon said at an international naval conference off Seogwipo, Jeju at 2 p.m. on the same day.

"We will make the naval base here not a place of war but a base of peace," he said. He reiterated his plan to establish a new security order to replace the Cold War structure through Northeast Asia's multilateral peace security system, which includes the U.S., China, Japan and Russia, following the adoption of the North-South declaration. In other words, the U.S. and North Korea should seek to adopt an early declaration that has yet to narrow the gap.

Mr. Moon, who attended the naval airship ceremony wearing a naval jacket, conducted a maritime inspection at the Ilchulbong ship, a left-handed ship, after his speech. The ceremony was attended by 39 vessels, including the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, 24 aircrafts and 46 countries. However, not only Japan but also China, which caused controversy over the "hot weather," suddenly announced their absence due to their own circumstances.

It gets colder tomorrow.early November temperatures

Tomorrow will be colder than today. Taebaek and Daegwanryeong in Gangwon Province are expected to fall to below zero. 

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) on Sunday, there will be a lot of clouds in South Jeolla Province and Jeju Island from early morning to afternoon, although the high atmospheric pressure near the Shandong Peninsula will affect the nation. 

For the time being, the temperature will drop by four to seven degrees Celsius, showing early November distribution. 토토사이트추천

"With the effects of extensive cold continental high pressure from Mongolia to China and the jet stream from the top to the southern part of Jeju Island in the morning, the temperature of the air in both upper and lower floors will be lower than the cold." 

The cold spell will continue until Saturday morning, but is expected to recover from day to day. 

The morning lows are expected to be 6 degrees in Seoul, 7 degrees in Gangneung, 7 degrees in Gangbung, 1 degree in Taegu, 5 degrees in Daejeon, 7 degrees in Daegu, and 9 degrees in Busan.

The daytime highs are expected to be 17 degrees in Seoul, 17 degrees in Gangneung, 14 degrees in Taebaek, 12 degrees in Daegwallyeong, 18 degrees in Daegu, 19 degrees in Gwangju and 19 degrees in Busan.

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